Mozila Firefox kalian semua pasti mengenal aplikasi ini untuk bagi yang hoby pake mozilla ini versi barunya seperti sblmnya Mozilla Firefox 25 tentu memperbaiki error atau kesalahan di Mozilla Firefox24 Features bisa di lihat di bawah

Features software Mozilla Firefox:

  • The new user interface and more attractive than the
  • High speed in loading web pages
  • Capable Tabbed Browsing (open all pages in a page)
  • High security in insecure Internet
  • Spy-Ware Jlvgbry of risks and thieves
  • Opening pages of advertising an item (Popup bloker)
  • Protecting passwords and private passwords and security
  • Add-on to more professional management
  • Easier to use software
  • Support for HTML version 5
  • Support for version 3 CSS
  • WebM video format compatibility
  • Very significant reduction in the use of this version of Crash
  • Compatibility with the exemplary pages JavaScript to render better
  • Permanent and non-stop online communication socket (the better games and chat)
  • Full-screen video display
  • Allows viewing of cached pages offline
  • Parts of the cache sites, which are usually fixed
  • Very high flexibility in the face of software for different tastes
  • Compatibility with different versions of Windows
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